Modern Lighting Fixtures For Homes

Lighting fixtures for a home should be selected based on the specific room that is to be illuminated. Contemporary designs of lamps and lights are optimized to provide the best possible lighting for any part of a house. Homeowners can learn more about floor lamps come in tall vertical designs with lights that illuminate the floor or ceiling. Some lamps have multiple branches that are inspired by trees. These branches contain additional lights that may be turned on separately. The most popular modern floor lamps have round sturdy bases that stand upright on any surface such as carpet or hardwood.

Bathrooms usually have lighting fixtures that are installed directly above a mirror. An entire row features a series of small light bulbs that provide sufficient illumination for looking at the mirror and other parts of the bathroom. Wall mounted sconces are typically installed in master bathrooms that have contemporary designs. The sconces features white housing that are available in frosted glass designs. Nickel, chrome and stainless steel hardware is integrated into the design of bathroom sconces.

Table lamps are used to provide basic illumination for desks and tables. Modern table lamps include flexible designs that make it possible to adjust the light bulb at any angle. Some designs include hinges while other use flexible joints that may be bent and manipulated as desired. For maximum efficiency, table lamps use low power LED lights that can still generate enough light for common tasks such as reading or working with small items.

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Mom Rings

A couple of weeks from now and it will be Mother’s Day. It is one special day to honour billions of mothers out there who holds the world’s toughest job. Kids and dads alike for sure are now thinking of what to give to the greatest person in their lives. Well, my kids and hubby are the type who don’t usually give gifts on special occasions, so I am expecting nothing on Mother’s Day, hehehe.

mom rings
I own no jewelry, so a mom ring would be quite awesome and special to receive on Mother’s Day. There are so many mom rings that I browsed in a website and was thinking of reserving one for my mum. I have already thought of buying her a purse and then when I saw the mom rings, I said to myself that maybe, this would be much better. I am still in a dilemma. But mom rings are really cool and unique Mother’s Day gifts, right? My mum would surely love it!

Have you thought of giving a mom ring? I have, just now!


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Movie Nights

Hubby and I have been married for nine years now and believe it or not, we haven’t had any movie nights… in all those nine years… UNTIL NOW. Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s only NOW (as we approach our 10th year) that we are having movie nights. You may ask, why just now? Well, read on.

Hubby is a workaholic, he’s always a busy body, day in and day out. Even his sleeps are interrupted with calls from the nurses and emergencies. During the day, he is swamped with patients, so at night, he is tired and just wants to have a rest and catch the much needed sleep, thus, movie nights are non-existent… and this was when we were still back home when hubby used to work 24/7, 7 days a week. But now, he has weekends off, thank God!!! Even though he works night shift, he has the weekends to spend with me and the little boys. Just recently, we bought a new TV, hubby got some amount from the tax refund and so he decided to buy a new TV. We chose the Smart TV and I also bought an HDMI cable so that we can watch movies online and connect it to the TV.

Because of this “improvement” in our household, hubby and I now have movie nights, we spend the weekend nights to watch movies. Even if the movies end up in the wee hours of the morning, I really don’t mind as long as hubby and I spend time together. We are both busy with our work, with tending the kids, with the chores and all the stuff that has to be done, so we want to slow down during the weekend and spend it cuddled in each others arms and watching a movie flick. It feels like when we were just in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and it makes me happy, I hope it makes hubby happy too. Although sometimes our movie nights are interrupted with our little boy’s cries and wailing at night, but it doesn’t matter.

Thank God for technology, hubby and I don’t have to spend money just to have a movie night!


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