New Moms Find Variety at Two Blossom Lane

New mothers have so much to look forward to with the arrival of a little one on the scene. It is only natural that they will want to obtain the best for their child, including clothing that will take the new baby through a very busy day of discoveries. 

Two Blossom Lane sell kids clothing for youngsters from infancy up to six years of age. The company operates out of Sydney, Australia, and provides ease in shopping for moms desiring durable and comfortable clothing for their children but lacking the time or incentive to travel to chain stores in their local area. 

Visitors to the website will find such items as tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes and rompers for boys and girls as well as accessories that include toys, bib and hat gift sets, blankets, beanies and wraps. Moms can also find some of the cutest dresses for their little ladies that will be perfect for all occasions.

kid's dresses

Sale items are featured on the website that can save money for mothers who want to dress their children fashionably but who also enjoy the idea of staying within a budget. It will be wise to check back often in order to keep up with new arrivals and items that have recently been reduced in price.

Secure checkout on the website ensures that personal information is protected. It is easy to browse through the available inventory, pick out items of interest, and place an order that will be delivered within 3-5 business days for standard shipping and 1-2 business days for express shipping.

Nothing beats the convenience of shopping online, especially when moms are busy with new babies along with youngsters who seem to get into everything and require a watchful eye. It can be such a pleasant experience to choose lovely items for the little ones and have merchandise quickly delivered right to the front door. 

If any item arrives not exactly as expected, it can be returned within five days for a store credit. All that is required is to notify the company in order to receive an RA number. Items do need to be unworn, in original packaging and with all labels and tags intact. If the product was purchased on sale, it cannot be returned.

Mothers can feel confident that Two Blossom Lane will provide them with quality clothing for their little ones up to six years of age.

Lactose Intolerance

I have lactose intolerance and I’ve noticed that it has gotten worse here. I find that almost all food products here, except fruits, have milk or milk products in it. The lactose in milk and other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and others make my tummy very upset. It doesn’t make me want to go to the bathroom though, but my tummy grumbles and it’s like there is a rolling thunder in my insides, and I really don’t like it especially if I am working. It is really bothersome.

Since I started working at night, I have been very watchful of what I eat before heading to work. I try not to eat foods that have milk or milk products in it. But then again, most of the stuff we have in our pantry has milk in it. What makes it worse is that when I get home (at around 10 in the evening) I eat heartily or have a plateful of food, which has led to weight gain… uggghhh! It is such an agony! I hate having lactose intolerance. I can’t have anything that has cheese, even skim milk powder, it just makes my tummy grumble! I feel sad because I know that dairy-free products are a bit expensive than the regular ones and I know that what I earn is not enough to buy stuff that would not make me sick. 

I see all these dairy-free products at the store but when I look at their prices, it just couldn’t go into my budget. Having this bothersome condition somehow made me realize that I should not eat anything that has milk or milk products before I head to work in the evenings. In the past weeks, I only have bananas or some other fruits but sometimes, I want to eat something so that I won’t go hungry while I am working, but then again, my condition just makes me so conscious all the time at work and I really don’t like that feeling.

I am hoping that I will be able to find the perfect food for me and hoping that with this condition, I will be able to lose some weight. ;-)

Working at Night

Working at night gives me the more time to do stuff at home during the day. Work doesn’t start till 5 pm and sometimes, I am given days that I start as early as 2 pm. But still, it gives me a lot of time to spend with the little boy and to teach him pre-school lessons. The free time also allows me to shop (window shop), do the chores and browse my favourite online stores. Lately, I’ve come across a website that sells a very eye-catching spandex table cover and I thought, maybe it would be perfect for the little boy’s birthday a few weeks from now. Maybe I can have a couple of such to cover our tables if ever I push my plan of inviting friends over for the little boy’s natal day.

So anyway, there are also cons of working later during the day. Like I’ve written days ago, I miss cooking for my family. I miss preparing dinners for my boys and I miss tucking them into bed. When I get home from work, my boys are already asleep and I haven’t spent time with my school boy since the time I go out for work, he is yet to be picked up from after school. These are what I terribly miss, but I am in a way happy that I am helping hubby because he is able to take his much needed rest after working all night as well.

Working at night also saves me a lot. Because I close the store, I am (mostly) not tempted to buy stuff before the other cashier heads to the office to count. I am pretty much occupied with closing duties that I tend to forget to pick some groceries. Unlike working the day shift before, I always head out of the store with a grocery bag, it was almost everyday that I would bring home something from the store, but this time, I’d be lucky to bring home a bag of grocery per week. So that really saves me a lot from extra spending.

I have actually learned to balance everything with what to do during the day before I work and what to do when I get home. I am beginning to love the schedule I have but still, that part of me misses family dinners, and just being a mum who is busy in the kitchen. I know sacrifices have to be made, I just hope and pray that I will soon reap good things and all the hard work will pay off.