5 Fun Family Activities to Do During Weekends

Having fun together as a family is important. It creates strong relationships and gives a sense of security, and cohesion in a tumultuous world. Individual family members are often engaged in their own activities, so it can take some organisation to get you all together in the same place at the same time. But it’s worth the effort! Keep your eyes open for fun activities in your local community – special museum exhibits, open house days, events in the local park, festivals and markets. With a bit of thought and attention you might be surprised how many fun activities are available for your family to share in. Here are 5 fun family activities to brighten up your weekends.

Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Bike riding with the kids has become a craze in many parts of the world as families take to the streets on cycles. There are loads of options available for family biking; 99 Bikes is an excellent place to start on working out cycling options for your family. What you choose will depend on the age of your kids as well as your budget, but once the initial investment has been made, cycling can offer hours of low cost family fun and fitness. You might want to start small, something like a trip to your local park, but as your experience and fitness improves you can set off for destinations further afield. Some families are even going on long distance cycle tours as a family holiday.

The Great Outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors is another way for your family to have fun. Try visiting a national park and going for a hike, swimming at the beach, camping beside a creek, kite-flying in the park or even have a go at mountain climbing or abseiling. Getting outdoors as a family will improve your fitness and increase your children’s appreciation for nature. You might even consider leaving the smartphones at home or at least limit their use.

Cook up a Feast

Another fun way to spend fun time together is to cook together. Why not plan a fabulous four course menu where everyone gets involved in the preparation? Or perhaps you could plan a day baking, making cookies, cakes, tarts and all things sweet. Get creative and try making dishes from other cultures. Sushi is lots of fun and allows plenty of room for imaginations to run wild. You could have a themed dinner once a month, where everyone takes a part in planning the menu and cooking.

Hold a Movie Night

Have a movie night or even a movie marathon. Take turns choosing the theme and the DVD’s. Grab some popcorn and other snacks and spend the night at home watching movies. This is an inexpensive activity and can become a family tradition.

Volunteer Together

Lots of organisations need help. Spending time as a family volunteering is a great bonding experience as well as a way to make a difference in your community.

How do your family spend time together? Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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A Place for My Father

I don’t usually talk about my father, my dad. There are a lot of things that ire me when it comes to my dad. No, I don’t hate my father, it’s what he has done to our family that I really abhor. I don’t hold a grudge on him, and I do care about my dad. Last year, he went to Africa to work despite his health condition, and unfortunately, he had a heart attack, it was his third time already, and this time, it really hit him well.

Despite what my father has done, I still care about him, he is still my father, he has worked all his life to send us to good schools and braved through war-torn Afghanistan to be able to pay all our debts. Now, he needs us. My father needs medical attention, constant support and someone to take care of him. My brothers and I are all in different countries and we have our own families to take care of as well, so we can’t be there to take care of him (and mom). Unfortunately, there are no quality institutions in the Philippines that allows seniors and people who needs assistance with their daily living to live the remaining days of their lives well, and they are taken care of and understood. There are no residences, there are a few nursing homes but not like the Barlavington Manor that cares for seniors wanting a stimulating, refreshing and challenging environment but still given the most comfortable and practical care. Most of these residences or nursing homes are in the capital city which is too far away from where my dad currently lives.

We, his children, could not make it physically, but our support, our love and care for him will keep him well. Now my brothers and I are in agreement that we send support (financial) to him and pay for a nurse or a caregiver to look after him. His so called “family” is “giving back” to us because they no longer need my dad, because he has no more income and his “family” spent all my dad’s savings.

I just wish that there are quality and good nursing home or residences back home so that people like my dad will have a place to call their second home and enjoy the remaining days of their lives pleasantly. Most of all, I hope and pray that I will still be able to see my father and be able to tell him that I love him, no matter what, despite of.

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Not A Long Weekend

So this Easter weekend is not a long weekend after all, that is in my case. The store will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday so that means there will be work on Saturday and yes, I do have work this Saturday and it is a long day for me. I am given a 9-hour shift and for sure I will be very very tired after that shift.

I have already made plans on what to do (and cook, hopefully) on Good Friday. Since all retail stores will also be closed on these two days, I have bought our needs ahead so that I have everything ready, oh except for one, frozen bananas. I need them for a recipe that I do plan to cook on the holidays. I haven’t been to the Filipino store yet and so hopefully, after my work on Thursday, I can drop by the Filipino store and buy the frozen bananas.

As for our school boy, it is a long weekend. Classes will resume Tuesday, so he has four days of no school and hopefully he won’t get bored on these four days. Hubby has work till Friday morning and will be off till Monday morning… so he has almost four days as well of rest. For me, I only have two days and those days will be busy days as well.

Hopefully, our weekend will run smooth and we will be able to enjoy our time together.

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